Year of establishment: 1983

Milestones (1983 – 2008)

Ø      First 5 years (1983 – 1987)     : Establishement of KVK, Bench mark survey of the adopted villages, construction of Administrative Buildings, Staff Quarters, setting up of demonstration units,  Farmers’ training, vocational training, Lab to Land Programmes.

Ø      2nd five years: (1987 – 1992 ) Strengthening of demonstration units with the help of different agencies viz. District Rural Development Agencies, Bankura, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of W.B. Training of farmers, farm women, rural youth, extension functionaries, participation in national programme of Oil seed and Pulses Production Programme.

Ø      3rd five years ( 1992 – 1997): Participation in participatory mode of extension programme, to undertake the extension research programme. On station trials with the SAU.

Ø      4th five year ( 1997 – 2002): Emphasis on participatory mode of formulation of extension programme with the  farming community in selecting the technologies and their implementation.

Ø      5th five years (2002 – 2007): Increased liason with the district level line departments in the implementatin of different programmes.

Ø      Recent years ( 2008 on wards.) : On farm trial and testing for the assessment and refinement of technologies in participatory mode. Recognition of District Level Training institute for the training of newly elected PRI members of the district.